Tuesday, February 5, 2013

February 4,2013


  1. I started scrap-booking my mission after I came home and names were still fresh but sometimes I struggled to remember who was who. At the time you think you will never forget names or places, but time marches on and so does your memory. It's great that you are documenting everything for him. He'll love it when he comes home.

  2. I hope he hurries, too! We would love to see some pictures! Danni has written Gage several letters, she is always so excited to see and hear how he is doing. So far, he has not responded to her. I keep telling her how busy he is and he will as soon as he can. She already has her Valentine's ready to send to him. I'm trying to get to the other two to get theirs done as well. He looks very happy and sounds so grown up!!

  3. My brother Spencer is also serving in the Mission your son is in here is his blog address